We Are…

First and foremost, we are a team. What we do isn’t about us as individuals, but what we do together to help each of our clients. Our primary goal is to bring value to your team, your organization, or you personally. But how did we get here?

MNJ began as a concept of WE. So much of the world operates on a ME-centered perspective. Every individual has a different set of gifts, talents, and abilities. Culture gets twisted when it looks at other people and compares what someone else has to what they do not have. Every person was created to be unique. When we bring those unique characteristics together, WE all become stronger, better, and more able.

You don’t have to have it all together for MNJ to work with you. The resume, the CV, the career, none of it has to be perfect. Great leaders and a solid character are often developed out of adversity. Your failures are stepping stones along your journey.

WE believe in different. WE believe in people. WE believe in second chances. WE believe in insanely radical possibilities.